Team Building Experiences

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Earth Missions is the leader in designing unique retreat experiences to companies and teams of all sizes. Whether your focus is on a structured team building activity or an experiential type of team building, Earth Missions can provide the best available options.

Pricing starts at $75.00/person

The "Company Name" Olympics: A custom designed 2.5 hour olympic games incorporating both physical and cerebral challenges for your team. Victors of these olympics games are being hailed at water-coolers around the country. 

The EPIC Scavenger Hunt: A series of customized riddles, challenges and races designed to inspire creativity and competition among your team. Designed in either a custom ios app or analog activity. 

"Company Name" Survivor Games: Incorporating elements of physical and mental challenges, small teams will compete to score the most points throughout the various stops within the games. 

Experiential Team Building: A founding principle here at Earth Missions is that unique experiences in the outdoors bring people together like nothing else. Enjoy a full-day or 1/2 day kayaking tour. Learn the art of 'orienteering', navigating by map and compass. Whatever it is that will inspire your team, Earth Missions works tirelessly to present and help facilitate a unique experience that brings the team together. 

Happy Hour Reception: A more relaxed and organic team bonding experience where everyone can connect and compete at their own leisure. Enjoy a curated offering of beer, wine and cocktails while competing in lawn games like corn-hole, giant Jenga, ladder golf, spike ball and much more. 

Many More Options: Your dedicated Experience Architect will work with you and your team to design the perfect experience.