Leah Dawson's Surf Experience - Tofino, B.C.

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Surf pristine fall waves, meet new life-long friends, see amazing sites and enjoy an AllSwell Creative Workshop on this highly curated travel experience.

Dates: October 11-16

Accommodations: Luxury Eco-Friendly Yurts

Come join Leah Dawnson, Earth Missions and AllSwell in the beautiful North Pacific town of Tofino for a surf experience of a lifetime. 

An opportunity to meet like-minded friends in our global surf community, this trip is designed to celebrate togetherness while expanding our love and awareness of the sea. Ultimately, we leave these experiences more equipped in the surf and memories that last a lifetime. 

With waves ranging in all levels, from perfect longboard beach breaks to fast shortboard reef breaks; boards of all shapes and sizes are welcomed here. Each day, our focus will be timing the surf conditions for as long as we want to surf. The ideal uncrowded waters are a result of this area's remote locations. 

Bonus: We are very excited to partnering with AllSwell Creative on this trip. The AllSwell team will run our group through an immersive experience in creative writting. 

*Prior surfing experience is required - Must be able to catch your own waves. 

*We do our best to align surfers in the sessions who are on similar ability levels.