Susan Casey's Adventure Club

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A Personal Invitation from Susan Casey,
International Best-Selling Author and Journalist
Over the past decade I’ve written three bestselling books, all with the same main character: the ocean. You could say that I’m obsessed with the aquatic realm. It’s my muse and my sanctuary. During the time I’ve spent traveling the world to promote my books “The Devil’s Teeth,” “The Wave,” and “Voices in the Ocean,” hundreds of people have asked me: What is it like to encounter a huge shark? To swim with wild dolphins? To feel the power of a 50-foot wave? To come face to face with a whale? And I always give the same inadequate answer, struggling to describe an experience that’s beyond words: It’s amazing. These are some of the planet’s most magnificent creatures. And if you meet them, it will change your life.
A lifetime worth of experiences packed into a single week
I have planned this trip to include a highlight reel of spectacular ocean encounters.
  • Our guide will be Earth Missions, experts in highly curated adventure travel.
  • The group will be small—no more than 12 people—and every detail and logistic will be handled from the moment you step off the plane.
  • Each day will be focused around specific guided adventures, with different experts and characters from her books dropping by: big wave surfers, ocean and environmental leaders, marine scientists.
  • Every adventure will be safe, achievable for anyone who is comfortable in the ocean (no specific expertise needed), but truly transporting.
This is a week that is designed to widen your eyes and your world.