Welcome to the most important meeting of the year.

Just because, it's that important.
STEP 1 - Identifying Goals
  • 2017 S.W.O.T. Analysis - Complete an audit of 2017. The more detailed the better.
  • 2018 Sales Goals - Have a complete understanding what your sales team needs to achieve.
  • Identify high-level goals of this kickoff.
  • Identify your leaderships goals for this kickoff.
STEP 2 - Identifying Restrictions
  • What is the total budget?
  • How many people are coming?
  • How many days is the kickoff?
  • What are basic requirements for the group and event?
STEP 3 - Dream Itinerary
  • Start by building out a dream day-by-day itinerary with your team. Don't worry about budget now.
  • Include content and experiences you would LOVE to have.
  • Don't think about locations in this step, this is all about content!
STEP 3 - Where to?
  • Choose one of the following: City, Mountain, Beach
  • Identify 3-4 locations inside of choice.
  • Travel Formula: 2hrs/night away.
  • Identify best accommodations options
  • At this point, you should be ready to finalize a location and the accommodations.
STEP 4 - Itinerary
  • Reference your dream itinerary and your total budget in this step.
  • Start from Check-In and build out a first draft hour-by-hour event itinerary.
  • This step should have general or specific content ideas in each time slot.
STEP 4 - Finalize Itinerary
  • Reference your Goals from Step 1.
  • Take the general content ideas and create specific ones. "Workshop" becomes "Cold Email Workshop by _________."
  • Highlight your 2-4 Most Important sessions for the kickoff. Make certain there is a lead-up flow to these sessions.
  • Finalize your Kickoff Itinerary!

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Some Best Practices

1. Company Culture
This always lives in #1 spot with every client, no matter the type of experience we're planning. Use unique aspects of your company culture and infuse them into the sales kickoff. From the over-arching theme of the event to how you think about meals and menu's, your company culture should shine through this event, more than anything.
2. Identifying The Goals
Reach out to all levels of your company to get an idea of the high-level goals of the Sales Kickoff. We encourage our clients to get input from leadership in as many departments as possible for the event. We also want to hear from colleagues at all levels of the organization while planning the Sales Kickoff.
3. Optimizing The Flow
This is a big one that is often overlooked when getting into the hour-by-hour itinerary. We want to think about the energy of the Sales Kickoff in WAVES. It's impossible to stay up, in tune and focused for an entire day of high-impact learning and inspiration. Bookend your most important sessions with activities and workshops that require less energy or impact on your people. Allow them to hit refresh before getting into another intense session.
4. Lead Ins
Before each Sales Kickoff, we build a customized series of workshops for individuals to think about. Build multiple short-form questionnaires to have your attendee's answer online before the event. We found it highly effective to provide these for teams as well. Get the team on a 20 minute call to answer some of the questions together before the Kickoff.
4. Talk Story
Authentic stores can truly move people. Undoubtedly, there are some amazing stories from 2017 to share at your event. Find those individuals who can tell those stories and empower them to incite their colleagues with them.
4. Return on Investment
This is really what matters here. We need to show that this event created a shared experience and vision among the team which empowered a strong salesforce which has a direct impact on revenue. Find your own components to measure and make sure the Sales Kickoff drives home the goals you set out.

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