UpSkill Sessions on your next Company Retreat

Your are surrounded by incredibly talented people. It’s true. We know it and you know it. The thing is, your colleagues aren’t just superb at building apps or selling SaaS or managing people; they also have hobbies and things where they find incredible amounts of peace and motivation. Just like you do.

Using time on your next retreat to celebrate the skills and passions of your colleagues is a great use of time and will pay-off in a greater understanding among team members. Given the opportunity to teach someone something that we’re passionate about is an incredibly rewarding experience. Building deeper bonds and lasting relationships among team members is, most often, a priority for our clients. When everything boils down, that, to us here at Earth Missions, is what a retreat is all about.

Some teams call it UpSkill Sessions and some call it "Company Name" University. Whatever you wan't to call these sessions, they can create some real magic on your next company retreat or offsite.

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Here are five common ways we see UpSkill Sessions being worked into retreats:

1) Health & Wellness

Some of your people, maybe you’re one of them, have spent a lot of time exploring ways to optimize their body and mind. Surely, there are some other individuals at your organization that have started on the road of exploring this world for themselves. Give your health and wellness masters an opportunity to share their best practices with some of your team.

Yoga- Someone might lead a Yoga session one morning of the retreat. Or approach someone at your company that you know enjoys yoga and ask him to help you book an instructor for a morning session during your retreat. By empowering him with this task, he will feel more connected and excited about the upcoming retreat, even than before. 

Meditation- Meditation can be a very powerful tool for people. We even have a designated Mediation Room here at our co-working space in California, Cross Campus

2) Weekend Warriors

Most people at your company have a unique hobby they have been indulging in and mastering for years. Maybe there is an avid surfer or hiker in your group. Perhaps someone spends their weekends making candles and selling them on etsy?! Whatever it is, give them an opportunity to share their passion with some people on your team with an interest. The connections and bonds made here will live on long-past your retreat.

Surfing/Hiking/Biking/etc.- Ask your adventurous colleague to run a session to share her passion with people on your team. Maybe it's an early morning group surf lesson with your colleague. Again, give her the opportunity to either share this skill themselves or to help hire a local guide. 

Arts&Crafts: This might be more specific to your colleague and not warrant an outside expert. He or she can run an evening workshop to teach other colleagues about the craft on your retreat. 

Beer Brewing: This is a really fun one we planned for our last retreat in San Diego. A handful of people from our clients got together 3 weeks before the retreat. They brewed a small batch of beer at the office over the two weeks and we cracked into it on the Bon Fire night with the whole team. Really cool experience!

3) Personal Development

If you haven't heard of Susan Casey or Tim Ferris or Tony Robbins; that’s ok. Someone on your team has and perhaps even follows one of them or another Personal Development Guru, borderline religiously. Asking this person to run an UpSkill Session about something she has learned that works for her can be incredibly fulfilling for her and inspiring for members of your team.

Example Topics: Goal Setting, Making Daily Lists, Journaling, Time Management etc.

4) Family

Balancing work and life is getting more interesting as more and more leaders make the corporate setting feel more like family/home. People are passionate about talking about their family. Sharing ideas and best practices relating anything to family will undoubtedly inspire some amazing connections among your team.

Example Topics: New Parents, Balancing Work and Life.

5) Professional Development

Developing a skill that enhances your career or streamlines your workflow can be incredibly rewarding and exciting. We all pursue these in different ways and, mostly on our own time. Why not offer a few UpSkill Sessions where colleagues can teach others some of their best tips, tricks and hacks in a certain program? We also see this time being spent with new hires onboarding onto company-wide programs.

Example Topics: Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator, Excel Spreadsheet, BaseCamp, Trello, Basic Coding. And so much more.

You might already have ideas brewing for your next retreat. An UpSkill session with specific people on your team is going to be a great activity for one afternoon. We recommend reaching out to your team members directly to see if there is initial interest in leading an UpSkill Session on the retreat. From there, we typically start a google form with a list of session options. Team members can sign-up via the google form. 

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