The Earth Missions Experience

Your company culture is unique. So should be your retreat!

Earth Missions approaches every project with the same formula. The first step is to gain an understanding about the unique cultural values and ideals that exist within our clients organization. We look, not only at today, but also the cultural aspirations for the future as our clients continue to innovate and grow. 


A Creative Travel Agency specializing in designing custom experiences that foster and promote stronger bonds between team members. With a dedication to results, our team focuses on your goals and delivers an experience that produces traceable ROI following each retreat. With over ten years of expertise in the corporate travel space, our team has seen, planned and executed retreats of all sizes, with all different goals and at very different budgets. 

We're not playing for a single win, we're here for the championship. Getting into the details on our Discovery Sessions with each client allows us to really get to know the partners we're working for. The more retreats we plan and the more we get to know our clients, the better and more tailored experiences we create. This is our long-game approach to being the #1 Corporate Retreat Partner in the world. 

But, Why Company Retreats? 

The process is broken and it needed to be fixed. Our founder, Tom, came from a successful career in finance out of NYC. He was charged with managing accounts of some of the largest financial institutions and investors in the world. When the sun went down, his job was to entertain the firms clients throughout NYC. *Note: if you ever need a good night out in the Big City, Tom will have some recommendations. 

Over meals and drinks that ran bills in the thousands, Tom and his clients would spend the entire night talking about amazing experiences and adventures in the outdoors. From Fly Fishing to Skiing and Zip Lining to Diving, they all had their best memories spent with friends outside. The meals were soon forgotten. 

Soon after, Tom approached his firm with an idea to spend those entertainment dollars on amazing experiences with his clients instead of at steakhouses and cocktail lounges in NYC. That simple change in the process resulted in building truer, lasting relationships with clients that paid dividends for the firm.

A simple truth was discovered, shared experiences in amazing places drive stronger bonds between people. 

Company Retreats are, more and more, becoming a cornerstone to culturally rich companies. The experiences shared away from the office allow team members to formulate bonds that have direct impact on employee success, confidence in roles, retention, employee satisfaction and so much more. Company Retreats allow leadership to share their vision for the future with all ranks of the organization and, when done right, allow for a conversation about vision that can unlock some major breakthroughs and milestones. 

Just one successful and well thought out corporate retreat for your company will have noticeable effects at all levels of the organization.

The stakes are high and the amount of quality information and expertise in this important area for reputable, high-growth companies was meager, at best. So when we're asked, "Why Company Retreats?": Because, more than anything, we believe in the power and impact of authentic, shared and well executed experiences between people in amazing places. 

What We Do

In the most basic terms, Earth Missions builds customized retreat experiences for organizations centered around their internal corporate culture and their goals. 

Start with understanding your goals:

Our team starts every client off with a Discovery Call. On this call, we get to know your team, your leadership and your goals for the retreat. This includes demographic information like Headcount, Distribution, Budget, Age Ranges, Personality Types, Skill Sets and more. 

The Earth Missions Formula

Once our team has a good idea of exactly what your team is looking for, we really get started

Accommodation Options:

With accommodation partnerships across the U.S. and abroad, we can offer the most unique and competitively priced lodging options imaginable. It's true, almost every client is amazed at the options we bring to the table that they didn't know existed. Based on travel time, where the team is coming from, the vibe of the group and the budget; we present multiple accommodation options that will fit your group perfectly. 

From 5 Star Resorts, Hotel Buy-Outs, House Rentals, Glamping Experiences and more; your retreats lodging will be unique to your team and drive home your goals. 

Workspace Options:

Many of clients have award winning offices that their people LOVE working at everyday. To send your team to a dreary conference room for a day of 'Death By Powerpoint' would just be a major FAIL for everyone involved. We work tirelessly to present the most unique and effective workspaces for your team while away on your retreat.

Meal Options:

Meals are treated as Experiences here at Earth Missions. We go like family, we travel together and we break bread together. From local restaurants, professionally catered menu's to beach BBQ's; each meal is custom designed to fit inside of your vision and your budget. 


Where to start with this one?! We've produced it all for our clients. From a single day Beach Olympics, a highly curated Scavenger Hunt, Zip Lining through the Forest, Life Size Tick-Tack-Toe, Whale Watching, Hot Air Balloon Rides, Surf Lessons, Snow-Shoeing...the list really does go on. 

The point is that our team has Certified Team Building Coaches and expertise in creating authentic experiences that drive bonds between team members. We build out experiences that take into account your vision, goals and budget and we make sure that YOUR COMPANY is the cornerstone of it all. 

"Earth Missions absolutely wen't above and beyond planning this retreat with my team. As things shifted, they presented more options that fit within the new vision. Every detail of the experience was flawless and we can honestly say that we could not have done it without them. They even found the perfect ranch to use as our workspace for three days! We can't recommend working with Tom and his team enough to anyone. They are really committed to creating experiences that are unique to an organizations culture." -Head of People, HOUSE PARTY

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