The Best Corporate Retreats Near New York City

Think outside the box when you approach the East Coast for corporate retreat destination travel. In a New York minute, your team could be engaging in a top shelf experience coupled with unexpected outdoor flavor. Securing the right venue is important for a successful retreat. As corporate retreat companies invest more time in company trips and activities for retreat, an experienced host is crucial.

Allow Earth Missions to be your official tour guide to all things collective about East Coast destinations.

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Long Island

Long Island has a collection of sights and sounds for the most distinct visitor. Montauk resides on a narrow stretch of land, trails, and compelling fishing waters. On your work retreat, discover Fire Island or Jones Beach for a historical throwback. Need some East Coast confidence to strengthen your corporate event planning near NYC? Long Island aims to deliver. Earth Missions has a distinct approach to develop team building games and corporate team building activities designed to feature this destination. The Olympic movement deemed these waters some of the best in the United States. Let us show you why.

The Hamptons

Ahhh The Hamptons. Touted as a posh getaway for regular East-siders, this noted island destination boasts more than upscale clientele. The tip of the Hamptons is an ideal meeting space, matched by profound corporate event ideas. With limitless year-round activities, you’ll enjoy open beaches, historic connection, sand dunes, and more. A simple 90 minute flight from NYC will take you to clubhouses, golf and stately estate life. Earth Missions will cater your corporate team building activities in style.

Norfolk, Virginia

Known as a powerful city on the water, Norfolk provides a strategic background for resilience in corporate event ideas. Sitting upon the known Chesapeake Bay, world-class cuisine and international flavor spikes this area with colorful delight, tagging itself as an ultimate landscape for planning a retreat. The Neon District, a collective downtown, and celebrated waters make the area, ‘Distinctly Norfolk.” 6 hours north of NYC, you’ll find classic hotels and dwellings. Team building events would be notorious, and memorable.

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A river runs thru this vast destination featuring waterfall hikes and wilderness camping, and upscale professional glamping. Corporate event planning and company retreat ideas in the Catskills offer many miles of trails to trek, leading to profound perspectives, all perfect for your work retreat. Wild forests, swimming pools surrounded in nature, and breathtaking peaks and valleys – The Catskills will surprise with a lasting.

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Vermont Skiing / Mt Snow + Killington

Nordic winter or not, the mountains of Vermont establish alpine adventure and competitive positioning in the state of adventure. Countless resorts collect together to offer skiing and snow sports and thrills of all kinds. Your team building exercises, corporate retreat and overall teambuilding events will be vast and hearty. Downhill mountain biking, summer sun, lake escapes and mountain-esque villages establish a community all its own, in Vermont.  In a few short hours, a drive from the city will transport you to mountain life for the best corporate retreats.

Jersey Shore

Featuring more than most would guess, the Jersey Shore has Artisan Farms, lakes, horse and carriage rides and of course, the notorious boardwalk. Let us design a corporate trip with a collection of team building activities in this unique space, unlike anywhere on the East Coast. Just under 4 hours from the city, we’re sure the Jersey Shore lead by Earth Missions will be an unforgettable trip. Your team will be surprised by the fun team building retreat agenda we design in a place like the Jersey Shore.


“Free You” is their claim. Consider the Pocono Mountains during all four seasons plus a tremendous variety of diversions, luxurious resorts, natural scenic beauty and adventure courses. Water adventures like rafting, water parks, country clubs, and captivating water falls, the Pocanos offers a wide range of team building games specifically catered to corporate retreats. Just 2 hours from New York, enjoy cottages, campgrounds, hotels and more.

Rhode Island

Want fun team building activities near NYC? Check out Rhode Island as a resting place for historic sites, bike paths, breweries and distilleries, art scene and gilded age mansions. Lil Rhody has pristine beaches and an authentic island vibe coupled with charm, making your work retreat and team building activities appealing. Sanctuaries, farms and wildlife refuges are celebrated by locals, allowing a deep connection to nature amplifying corporate event ideas. Embrace the Gilded Age during your stay by embracing the unique style of this upscale retreat.


Rise above the norm when you visit Newfoundland, Canada. Catch a glimpse of an iceberg. Along these ancient shores, you’ll see humpback whales, walk the Earth’s mantle and view the world’s oldest fossils.  Kayak iceberg alley and live like a Viking  – Sound good? We’ll harness a nomadic cultural vibe on an excursion to Newfoundland. A journeys end in a world-class space like this will harmonize corporate team building activities complimented by an amazing corporate retreat. Brilliant colors, waters brimming with fish and experiences to remember forever. On a simple five hour flight from NYC, you’ll feel worlds away for an ultimate corporate trip.


Marthas Vineyard

Ferries have floated to this stunning destination featuring star-studded bed and breakfasts, four-season accommodations, the dockside lifestyle with harbor views and oceanside resorts. Your team building events would be disc golf, workshops, charter fishing, windsurfing, and sailing. Since Marthas Vineyard has such an eclectic history, we savor the ability to establish a team retreat in this acclaimed area.


It’s limitless in Florida. Covered with hidden gems, enjoy a wealth of activities. Miami is bejeweled with Art Deco and the energy of Little Havana, trendy nightlife and white sandy beaches. Leap over to the famous Keys for dive-snorkel charters, sportfishing, eco-tours and green travel initiations build to satisfy. With so much to choose from, Earth Missions savors the opportunity to design stellar accommodations for corporate retreat companies. Consider this location established corporate retreat companies as well as startup retreats since it has such immense choices and availability.

North Carolina

Pirates and CEO’s alike can unwind in North Carolina. Do something different for your office retreat, with robust coasts, pristine beaches, diverse cities and charming mountain town hideaways. North Carolina is a surprising point for your team building activities. Take a unique chairlift ride, hike thru gemstone caverns, navigate woodsy walks and rivers. From sandy beach to mountaintop, North Carolina will provide a memorable outlook for your goals. In 2 hours, you can fly from the NYC skyline to the comfy holler of a North Carolina mountain town.

South Carolina

Delight your inner outdoorsperson when you are planning a retreat in South Carolina. Hop in a golf cart and take a ride through a collective of many different experiences. Vibrant culture, rich heritage and breathtaking natural beauty provide ample options for boundless opportunity. Explore Myrtle Beach, or island flavor, find wildlife, Southern charm, take kayaking trips, treehouse excursions and more. We fit the itinerary for you to enjoy the best staff retreat ideas resulting in a compelling outcome.

Earth Missions will help discover the perfect spot for your company retreat. The East and its surrounding areas have plentiful escapes tailor fit for any excursion you are building. Contact us so we can show you how we curate the ultimate experience. Our formula is proven to design the exact features your team requires, every time. Count on our expertise and background catering to corporate retreat companies, corporate event planning and corporate team building activities.

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