Welcome to Earth Missions

Capturing and creating memories through Mother Nature, providing authentic corporate travel. We strategically bridge the gap between tourists and locals creating the ideal meeting space. Earth Missions inspiration was born to a distinct outcry for deepened travel experiences, shared by the world’s most prestigious clientele. Founder Thomas Werney answered the call.

A Finance Executive and avid outdoorsman, Werney found as he was ‘wining and dining’ clients, trying to build genuine bonds out of thin air… it became obvious there had to be better way to build these relationships.

Then it clicked. Why were we just discussing these ideas? We could be investing time and efforts sharing these exact experiences, rather than simply speaking about them. An epic day spent enjoying an activity, would help build true bonds and memories forever – far more powerful than the next typical corporate dinner setting. There’s a big difference between discussing your next ski trip over actually sharing a day at the mountain.

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Earth Missions was created on the necessity of non-corporate settings in the collective workspace. ‘Wining and dining’ choice professionals ultimately evolved to ‘toasting the experience’ while sharing the memory with corporate executives and co-workers alike.

We (Earth Mission) create lasting memories with a new approach to corporate off sites and events. Captivating the mind, exciting the body and enriching the soul. Our foundation is rooted in our connectivity to vast destinations, utilizing local resources in every location we work with.

Our formula has separated us from the travelling norm. Through our vetted discovery process, we ensure the involvement is tailored to fulfilling our client goals.

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Learn – Connect – Plan – Execute

First we LEARN about your goals. We explore and identify the vision, goals and priorities of each experience that is presented to us. Through this discovery process, it allows us to custom tailor events suited to fulfilling these goals.

We then CONNECT all avenues of expertise. We assemble a specialized team specific to fulfilling our clients goals. For example, event directors, local guides, team building coaches, executive chefs, keynote speakers, influencers and more.

After your company’s team has been assembled to fulfill your needs, we start working thru all pre-trip logistics. A PLAN is curated while we craft a detailed map of all things big and small. From accommodations, to accessibility, itineraries to appetizers, we plan each step to perfection.

We then EXECUTE with precision. We enter each event, prepared, field-tested, ready to adapt and handle every situation that may arise, having fun creating memories along the way.

Our founders have been utilizing this proven model since 2006, and since then, a few things have become evident. Corporate teams benefit from a deepened connection with co-workers and clients alike. Join earth Missions as we design corporate retreat companies for best staff retreats, company trips and the best team building activities. We look forward to working with you.

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