Death by Powerpoint in a Dreary Conference Room

Having a distributed team, every Earth Missions team member works from a really unique location. From Cross-Campus in Santa Monica, WeWork in the West Village to the living room couch; we're sitting in comfortable chairs in inspiring rooms with Kombucha on tap.(sometimes)

Many of our clients either offer an exciting remote workspace option or have built some of the worlds most innovative places to work. It's no secret that environment effects creativity and productivity and, for me, this is especially true. 

Unfortunately, retreats have historically ended up with the easy option. The dreary hotel conference room. Not anymore. We're putting it out there today, No More Windowless, Uninspiring Hotel Conference Rooms. 

Workspace is an essential aspect of your company retreat

Workspace can be an team-bonding experience in and of itself on your next company retreat. It takes a bit more creativity and time to research the options in your location but, we promise, it will pay dividends on the experience. Inspiring workspace has an emotional effect on the group from the second the team walks through the door. We see it on every retreat we plan. 

We do wan't to be clear on this. We're not saying every hotel conference out there is a gutless, windowless blackhole of creativity and expression. We're simply highlighting the fact that with a little more work, you can find a place that is most likely cheaper and has a massive impact on the VIBE of the retreat. 

How to find the perfect meeting space for your company retreat

1) Think about your current workplace environment

What things do you and your team absolutely love about your HQ? If you're a remote team, how does your team get most inspired and creative when working remotely? 

Now think about your retreat. If your planning with Earth Missions, you will have a customized vision board for the type of experience you have highlighted with our team on the Discovery Call. Reference this as we want the workspace to feel seamless to the rest of the experience.

2) Get Super Creative

Start making a list of your craziest ideas for workspace on your next retreat. This is the fun part. Ask members on your team, your leadership and your peers if they have any funky ideas for workspace on the retreat. What would get them super excited. Also think about activities or things your team loves. 

Over the past year, we have gotten really creative with workspace with our clients. We've rented our local restaurants, breweries, wineries, rock-climbing gyms and more. We even put a team on a ranch in Idaho for their intensive two days of work. 

3) Curate the space

Once you've decided on the location, it's time to curate the space for your team. We wan't your group walking in and feeling inspired to GSD.(Get Shit Done). 

Curate the space with elements from your HQ. Sometimes we will bring bean bag chairs, a dart board or a ping-pong table. At Earth Missions, each detail of every retreat we work on goes back to our clients goals and their unique culture. In this process, we go above and beyond to curate workspaces to maximize the fostering and promotion of that clients internal values and ideals. 

4) Switch it up

When the client agree's, we like to book varying workspaces throughout a retreat. A new environment and a new inspiration for different days of the retreat. This is especially helpful once we get into the weeds with our clients and unpack the high-level goals of the retreat. 

Switching up the workspace can really have an impact if your team is attacking different subjects throughout the retreat. If Day One is an intensive hands on customer-centric day, we might find and customize a workspace great for that type of work. If Day Two is about reflection and vision-casting from leadership, we will get even more creative and push for something that really speaks to that vibe.

Retreat meeting space needs to speak directly to your company culture

Our process unpacks a lot in the Discovery Sessions. Getting to know our clients vibe, culture and varying personalities within allows us to present hyper-unique options for their company retreat.

When thinking about workspace, our recommendation is to think outside the box. You can always comes back to the conference room in the hotel or resort.

If you have any amazing workspace ideas or places you've used in the past, send us a photo on Instagram! 

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