Fun Corporate Retreats Near NYC

Hit the power button on your computers, leave the day-to-day march of a typical workday behind, and bond as a team. It's time to get away from NYC and it's time for a Company Retreat!

They build communication, camaraderie, friendship, and respect within work groups while members gain trust, work toward shared goals, learn about one another’s talents and create a strong foundation of work life and productivity.

New York State of Mind

In NYC, the pace of work and life moves as quickly as people walking down the sidewalk. Sometimes people want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A company retreat to a quieter pace of life could be just the thing that you and your coworkers could use to relax and connect as you take a break while building stronger working relationships. Luckily, many places are available right outside of the city to do so.

Handsome Hollow

Located in Long Eddy, N.Y., this sprawling 93-acre property set in the wilderness features a 4000-square foot farmhouse built in the 1800's, mountains, streams, hiking trails, and an old apple orchard that still produces fruit to this day. The venue can fit up to 200 individuals but also welcomes intimate groups to its premises. The quality of the setting and details of the house embrace a sense of peace and farm chic. If your group enjoys nature and the intimacy of bonfires and hikes, this is a fantastic place to bring them together. Long Eddy is located almost three hours after the city, but if your group genuinely wants to get away, this could be worth the travel time.

Cedar Lakes Estate

 Located only 70 miles from New York City, Cedar Lakes Estate was once a thriving summer camp in the 1920’s. Now it serves as a venue for corporate retreats, weddings, and a variety of other events. They have hosted leading international companies from a wide range of industries. Clients use the high-end former summer camp to connect, collaborate and learn, all while enjoying the views of the lake, hikes, and the mountain region. For a convenient location that takes your team truly away from the city, Cedar Lakes Estate could be the right fit for your next retreat.

Full Moon Resort

Full Moon Resort, located about two and half hours from NYC in Big Indian, NY, offers a rustic, yet sophisticated venue for a corporate retreat. Full Moon Resort is very rural, with a touch of Woodstock-inspired artistic sensibility. Full Moon Resort features over one hundred acres of meadows, forests, and streams, along with country inn style accommodations for your group.

 Spruceton Inn: a Catskills Bed and Bar

Located two hours and forty minutes away from NYC, Spruceton Inn sits in the middle of the Catskills mountains. The rustic tranquility of the space, which features a barn, a bar, fire pits, and nine rooms to sleep in, gives people the opportunity to relax, look inward, and enjoy the open air of the country. The size of the venue might be a good option for smaller groups.

The North Branch Inn

The North Branch Inn is located 2 hours north of New York City in the western Catskills in the small town of North Branch, NY. The settlement was established around 1851 and featured a general store, post office, and a bowling alley. Guests enjoy the apple orchards and apple cider made at the inn, as well the bowling alley that is over 100 years. The North Branch Inn allows for a quiet escape from the busy outside world with a bonding experience for your next retreat.

Gilbertsville Farmhouse

Gilbertsville Farmhouse is a former dairy farm located on 125 acres in South Berlin, NY. The rustic setting with luxury tent-like accommodations allows for an environment for guests to glamp together in style. The Catskill Mountains surround the property, which is located about 3 and half hours outside of NYC. The owners have put an 11 p.m. curfew, so no late-night activities for a group, but that means everyone will wake up ready for daytime activities feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Arnold House

The Arnold House, located two hours from the city, is a full-service weekend destination known for their food, activities such as baseball, fly fishing, horseshoes, and cocktail hours, as well as the hospitality they say they show each guest. They also host comedy nights on weekends, karaoke during the week, live music held outside every Friday in the summer and s'mores around the bonfire when the weather is right. The Arnold House can host events up for over 200 people on the property, and they have 11 rooms available for a stay on the premises.

 The Graham and Co.

Located 2 and a half hours away from NYC, the Graham and Co. is a 20-room hotel located in Phoenecia, NY, nestled in the Catskills. They are situated on three acres and offer activities and amenities including a swimming pool, hammocks, a badminton court and fire pits. The views of the surrounding river and mountains provide the chance to unwind and relax together as a group.

Pack Your Bags

There are many options for a relaxing and teambuilding retreat right outside of New York City. Hopefully, you will now have some ideas about where to get away with your work team. It’s time to make some plans reenergize with your group.

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