Case Study: Danya & Cebus

"After many company retreats, this was by far and away the most thought out experience customized for our team. The food, the experiences; everything brought our team closer together and it was a real RETREAT!"- Danya & Cebus.

 Earth Missions is a leading travel agency specializing in company retreats, executive trips, and branded content travel experiences. We create monumental experiences of 'work and play' to bring the members of a team closer together enabling it to grow stronger, more efficient and thus, more profitable. The culture and environment of every company are unique and so are our retreats. We take into account even the slightest of details about a company and create an experience accordingly. Our retreats are fully customized according to the requirements and nature of a team's company culture.

We follow a 4-step formula of Learn-Connect-Plan-Execute to help a team accomplish its high-level goals and make its retreat fun and memorable. Our working process remains same whether we are working with a small startup of 5 members or a huge corporation of 500 members. Below is an outline of our 4-step formula put into action with one of our clients, Danya & Cebus- an International construction company mainly operating in the US, Europe and Asia.


For providing a successful retreat to our clients, first of all we learn about the objectives behind their retreat. We learn their goals and priorities so that we can plan an experience best suited to fulfill those goals. Our client's goals determine the direction of our planning and all succeeding events.

In this case, we learned that Danya & Cebus was an international construction company operating worldwide. The company had several offices across the globe executing construction projects in all major countries of the world especially the countries from America, Europe and Asia. The company's global offices are mainly controlled by its US headquarters located at a few minutes drive from the center of New York City.

The company's US office was planning a retreat to increase the bonding between their newly recruited employees which is crucial to the success of any team. They wanted to remove the communication barriers between their old and newly hired members, enhancing the interaction between them. They wanted to bring together the team on a fun experience to improve their daily work relationships, enabling the team to grow.

After learning about the main goal of our clients, we focus on finding every detail that might help in creating a retreat best suited for them. We generally ask our clients about the location of the majority of their team members so as to select a venue easily accessible for all of them. We also ask them their dream locations or to the very least, their preferred locations. We also present various venue options to our clients that are best suited to accomplish their goals to help them in the selection process.

We always ask our clients about the estimated number of people who are expected to come on a retreat and how they would like to be accommodated so as to plan the events accordingly. In this case, our client was planning to bring a large team who wanted luxury accommodations, preferably under a single roof, to spend their nights and a creative open space to host their strategy meetings, work sessions, dinner parties, fun games and team building activities.

The team was looking forward for exciting outdoor adventures as well as interesting games to play during their stay. For the menu, the team wanted to have delicious and healthy foods throughout the retreat so as to fully enjoy their experience. They also wanted a big outdoor beach party with a lavishing dinner to make it memorable.


After we have learned about our clients' goals and requirements we connect all avenues of expertise. We assemble a specialized team of local guides, team building coaches, executive chefs, keynote speakers, and influencers to fulfill those goals. All these people work under a specified local event director with the aim to connect our clients' goals with a truly impactful retreat experience. After we have selected an event director to manage the retreat of a team, we fed him all information about the client which we have learned in the first step.

In this case, we presented the team of Danya & Cebus with multiple retreat locations in Catskills, Hamptons, and Hudson Valley. After weighing the pros and cons of each option the team selected Hudson Valley as their retreat location so we connected them to a local on-site event director from Hudson Valley.

The event director, with his specialized team of experts, was responsible for planning every event of the retreat along with making all necessary arrangements in Hudson Valley before the team's arrival. He presented them with various accommodation options in Hudson Valley and explained the perks of each option along with the budget needed for them.

The event director was also responsible for the selection of the best event space available in Hudson Valley depending on the 'work to play' ratio of the team. Since the main goal of our client team was to increase the bonding between them hence they wanted to use the majority of their time in fun team-bonding activities. That's why, a beautiful ranch was selected as the event space to host work sessions, strategy meetings, dinner parties, and team building activities.

The event director was also responsible for helping the team in selecting a catering company to provide healthy and delicious food for the team. The event director, being local to the region, was familiar with the best food companies in Hudson Valley so he presented various catering companies to the team along with their specialties in terms of menu.

The event director was also responsible for connecting the team with the best experiences and adventures native to Hudson Valley. He was to ensure that our client team has an unforgettable experience in the beautiful beaches and mountains of Hudson Valley. After a thorough explanation and presentation of all options available to them, the team was asked to select their preferred outdoor adventures.


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After we have connected our client with an on-site event director and have assembled a team of experts under him, we start planning. We think through all pre-trip logistics and make a detailed map covering all big and small things. We plan each step of the retreat from accommodation to transportation, itineraries to appetizers; we do not miss out even the tiniest of details. While planning each step we specifically focus on the nature and culture of our team's company so as to create a fully customized and unique experience for them.

Our event director for the Danya & Cebus retreat made a preliminary site visit to Hudson Valley. The purpose of his visit was to properly plan the succeeding events and make the necessary arrangements for their successful execution.

We procured a luxurious rental house in Hudson Valley to accommodate all team members under a single roof as they had wanted. An adjacent ranch was also procured as the event space to host all succeeding events including strategy meetings, work sessions, team building activities and dinner parties.

After arranging the accommodation and the event space, we reserved the caterer selected by the team previously. Our event director, with the help of caterer, prepared multiple dinner plans for the team to choose from. We also planned special dinners for specific events like a lavishing dinner for the beach party and a healthy lunch for the hike on the last day of retreat.

The next thing was to arrange a transportation service for the team so that they can easily move between their accommodations, event space, and the visits planned in Hudson Valley. This was done to facilitate the members to attend work sessions, seminars, games, and activities at their ease while also giving them the freedom to take a break whenever they wanted.

We planned various lawn games for the team to be played during its stay at house and some really exciting beach games to be played on the last day of retreat. Our every game was created by our experts on the basis of team building principles. We also planned an Olympics competition to be played on the first day of retreat.

We planned a hike for the team in the beautiful mountains of Hudson Valley. Our event director arranged local guides for the trip and procured all required accessories such as hiking footwear, clothes, sticks, safety items, and first aid kit. We also planned an exciting paintball tournament for the team and procured everything needed for it such as paintballs, paintball markers, flags and special clothes. The event was carried out in the ranch which was converted to a paintball field by us.

Since we have already learned that our client team wanted to spend more time in fun activities as compared to work, so we planned everything accordingly. We organized all activities, scheduled them properly and procured everything needed for them to make this retreat the best experience of their lives.


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After we have planned every event whether big or small, we move to execution, the last step of our 4-step mechanism. We execute each event properly, with all preparations so that we can handle every situation that may arise. We produce an experience that helps our client to accomplish even their most ambitious goals and we also make sure that our clients don't miss out even the tiniest bit of fun and excitement in their retreat.

We successfully executed everything as we had planned for the retreat of Danya & Cebus. Our event director carried out exciting games and various team building activities throughout the retreat. We made small teams by selecting employees from various parts of the company and executed a successful Olympic Games Competition between them on the first day of retreat. Many exciting games were played with the intention of increasing the interaction between new and old employees of the team. The paintball tournament was also executed successfully in the ranch which had been converted into a paintball field.

We successfully executed an exciting hike in the beautiful mountains of Hudson Valley. The hike proved to be of monumental importance in bringing the team together. It ended happily with a healthy and delicious lunch specifically planned for the hike.

We also executed a meeting between our team and a content agency. The purpose of this meeting was to produce branded content for our team to use it for company recruitments and for converting their audience into customers. The meeting proved to be a success and both companies made an agreement to work together in future.

The work sessions, strategy meetings, outdoor visits, lawn and beach games, and everything was successfully executed just as planned or we can say, for sure, that everything went better than planned. The accommodation was luxurious, the event-space was beautiful, transportation services were comfortable, and the food was healthy and delicious. Everything was just perfect.

In short, the retreat was a complete success and the team accomplished all their objectives. They fulfilled their goal of increasing the bonding between team members and removing the communication gap between new and old employees. Along with the accomplishment of their primary goal, the team also had a great time. At the end of trip, everyone was talking about when to plan their next retreat with Earth Missions.