Best Company Retreat Locations for 2019

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Dedicating time to strengthen collaboration between team members improves cooperation, an essential factor of successful companies. Choosing an ideal venue for your company retreat is key. Activities on retreats can help to promote teamwork. Having a vast selection of fresh new outdoor choices helps leverage a powerful result, even for startup retreats. If you’re planning a retreat, leave the details to Earth Missions – Check out this menu of opportunity.

Best Company Retreats: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, and Denver.  

We have some powerful cities in the United States, all who feature dynamic surroundings. Top down, we’re pinpointing Best Company Retreat Locations for 2019, how and when to plan a retreat with your company and corporate team, in and around some of our choice cities.

Best Corporate Retreats near New York City

Think outside the box when you approach the East Coast for corporate retreat destination travel. In a New York minute, your team could be engaging in a top-shelf experience coupled with unexpected outdoor flavor. Securing the right venue is important for a successful retreat. As corporate retreat companies invest more time in company trips and activities for retreat, an experienced host is crucial. Allow Earth Missions to be your official tour guide for all things collective about East Coast destinations. 

Long Island

Long Island has a collection of sights and sounds for the most distinguished visitor. Montauk resides on a narrow stretch of land, trails, and compelling fishing waters. On your work retreat, discover Fire Island or Jones Beach for a historical throwback. Need some East Coast confidence to strengthen your corporate event planning near NYC? Long Island aims to deliver. Earth Missions has a distinct approach to develop team building games and corporate team building activities designed to feature this destination. The Olympic movement deemed these waters some of the best in the United States. Let us show you why.

The Hamptons

Ahhh The Hamptons. Touted as a posh getaway for regular East-siders, this noted island destination boasts more than upscale clientele. The tip of the Hamptons is an ideal meeting space, matched by profound corporate event ideas. With limitless year-round activities, you’ll enjoy open beaches, historic connection, sand dunes, and more. A simple 90-minute flight from NYC will take you to clubhouses, golf, and stately estate life. Earth Missions will cater your corporate team building activities in style.

Jersey Shore

Featuring more than most would guess, the Jersey Shore has Artisan Farms, lakes, horse + carriage rides and of course, the notorious boardwalk. Let us design a corporate trip with a collection of team building activities in this unique space, unlike anywhere on the East Coast. Just under 4 hours from the city, we’re sure the Jersey Shore, discovered by Earth Missions will be an unforgettable trip. Your team will be surprised by the agenda we design in a place like the Jersey Shore, for corporate retreats near NYC.


A river runs thru this vast destination featuring waterfall hikes and wilderness camping, and upscale professional glamping. Corporate event planning and company retreat ideas in the Catskills offer many miles of trails to trek, leading to profound perspectives, all perfect for your work retreat. Wild forests, swimming pools surrounded in nature, plus breathtaking peaks and valleys – The Catskills will surprise with a lasting impression indeed.

Rhode Island

Want fun team building activities near NYC? Check out Rhode Island as a resting place for historic sites, bike paths, breweries and distilleries, art scene and gilded age mansions. Lil Rhody has pristine beaches and an authentic island vibe coupled with charm, making your work retreat and team building activities appealing. Sanctuaries, farms, and wildlife refuges are celebrated by locals, allowing a deep connection to nature amplifying corporate event ideas. Embrace the Gilded Age during your stay by embracing the unique style of this upscale retreat.


“Free You” is the Poconos claim. Consider the Pocono Mountains during all four seasons plus a tremendous variety of diversions, luxurious resorts, natural scenic beauty, and adventure courses. Water adventures like rafting, water parks, country clubs, and captivating waterfalls, the Poconos offers a wide range of team building games specifically catered to corporate retreats. Just 2 hours from New York, enjoy cottages, campgrounds, hotels and more.

Norfolk, Virginia

Known as a powerful city on the water, Norfolk provides a strategic background for resilience in corporate event ideas. Sitting upon the known Chesapeake Bay, world-class cuisine and international flavor spikes this area with colorful delight, tagging itself as an ultimate landscape for planning a retreat. The Neon District, a collective downtown, celebrated waters adorning itself a "Mermaid City," make the area, ‘Distinctly Norfolk.' 6 hours south of NYC, you’ll find classic hotels and dwellings. Team building events would be notorious, and memorable.

Vermont Skiing / Mt Snow + Killington

Nordic winter or not, the mountains of Vermont establish alpine adventure and competitive positioning in the state of adventure. Countless resorts collect together to offer skiing, snow sports, and thrills of all kinds. Your team building exercises, corporate retreat, and overall teambuilding events will be vast and hearty. Downhill mountain biking, summer sun, lake escapes, and mountain-villages establish a community all its own, in Vermont. In a few short hours, a drive from the city will transport you to mountain life for the best corporate retreats.


Rise above the norm when you visit Newfoundland, Canada. Catch a glimpse of an iceberg. Along these ancient shores, you’ll see humpback whales, walk the Earth’s mantle and view the world’s oldest fossils.  Kayak iceberg alley and live like a Viking- Sound good? We’ll harness a nomadic cultural vibe on an excursion to Newfoundland. A journey's end in a world-class space like this will harmonize corporate team building activities complimented by an amazing corporate retreat. Brilliant colors, waters brimming with fish and experiences to remember forever. On a simple five-hour flight from NYC, you’ll feel worlds away for an ultimate corporate trip.

Martha’s Vineyard

Ferries have floated to this stunning destination featuring star-studded bed and breakfasts, four-season accommodations, the dockside lifestyle with harbor views and oceanside resorts. Or, in just a short flight from JFK, your team building events would be disc golf, workshops, charter fishing, windsurfing, and sailing. Since Martha’s Vineyard has such an eclectic history, we savor the ability to establish a team retreat in this acclaimed area.

Best Corporate Retreats near San Francisco

California’s adult playground provides the best of instant gratification. Earth Missions has combed through this coastal cornucopia of the sun, wine, and activity, picking the best off the vine for corporate retreat companies. Each location bullet-points a vast selection of options to cultivate perfection for your teambuilding events.

In NorCal, take an approximate 2-hour drive from San Francisco / SFO airport to find a collection of unique coastal escape awaiting you and your team for a laid-back and challenging experience all its own, featuring unique teambuilding events and meeting spaces.

The City of San Francisco

The second-most densely populated city in the U.S. and for good reason, with her welcoming Golden Gates, rich history and established powerhouse hub to neighboring Silicon Valley. San Francisco has long delighted visitors with notorious classics like Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Island and the iconic art deco span of the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, Cable Cars and Haight & Ashbury – Yet for planning a retreat, Earth Missions has pounded the pavement in search of dynamic company retreats, cultivated and designed choices to highlight the countless bullet-points which make San Francisco a stand-out location for your start-up retreat. In addition to stellar and attractive destinations, the area also boasts extraordinary outdoor options.

Angel Island

Love a coastal hike? Angel Island is a hidden gem, San Francisco adjacent, offering expansive 360* views of the city skyline, covering an impressive 760 acres. The entire island, administered by California State Parks, doubles as a California Historical Landmark, encouraging our participants to Live the Parks Life. What better way to design team building activities, work retreats, corporate team building, and the best staff retreat ideas, than aligning with an area where once upon a time, Native Americans facilitated this area for fishing and hunting. Accessible by Ferry, Bikes are also allowed for planning a retreat with several different active options.

Muir Woods National Monument

Getting out of the Office, into the World is Earth Missions sole manifesto when curating teambuilding events. Countless participants of an Earth Missions company retreat have benefitted from incorporating majestic landscapes and surroundings to impact team building events close to the Bay Area. Locations nearby the Muir Woods National Monument Forest featuring a picturesque, redwood tree-filled park, known for its towering old-growth trees, and trails winding among the Pacific Ocean throughout Marin County, also known for subtle and engaging fun team building activities.

Sonoma – Wine Country

Just North of San Fran, Sonoma County deems itself ‘Wine Country Unfiltered.’ Boasting stunning wine country and breathtaking views, Sonoma also features rustic hiking trails leading to famous running waters, afloat the Russian River.  Imagine fun team building activities and team building events within this desirable background. Just like a well-structured Cabernet, Sonoma County offers a compelling variety of unexpected activities, making it a choice destination for corporate retreat companies. Travel time is about 2 hours, enjoy staying in B&Bs or classic hotels featuring the wine lover lifestyle.

Russian River

76 miles of scenic coastline joined with cool waters amidst the majestic redwood forest is what California’s Russian River has to offer. Sharing amenities and services unlike anywhere else, for an outstanding corporate trip, all within Sonoma County’s celebrated wine country. Connected by a collection of vintage northern California towns, this area is originally known for logging and train stops during historical time. Just as the gold-miners did, discover how your company trip can create a unique venture along this riverside area. Approximately 2 hours north of San Fran, stay in rustic cottages or luxurious spa hotels, all guaranteeing the best staff retreat ideas.

Napa – Wine Country

Cycling on a Wine Trail? Napa Valley reaches higher to highlight ultimate California flair. Studded with Michelin-starred restaurants, lavish spas, resort, and winemaking aficionados, you can count on Napa as your concierge to upscale Northern California, ensuring memorable team building events near the Bay Area. From hot-springs to wine tasting, there is no limit to the type of activities for a retreat we can create for your team in Napa. About an hour and a half from San Francisco, stay in a Cliffside bungalow, a restored Airstream or even an actual Castle. Napa has it all.

Marin County

Embedded in the North Bay coastline adjacent to San Francisco, Marin County is known as a leader in arts and culture. Compelling campsites, state parks, rustic wildlife and hiking peaks are just the beginning of what Marin County can offer for your team retreat. Get creative alongside events and festivals, from farm-to-table to Summer of Love music experiences. Vast opportunities await. About an hour from San Francisco, stay in boutique hotels or classic lodges, all designed for stellar, fun team building activities.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz invites you to “Cruz” to their laid-back way of life. You’ll find great surf, sandy beaches, organic farms, and much more. The gateway of California’s Redwood Forest offers countless adventures for corporate event planning and team building games. Train rides, zip-lines, sky bridges, and aerial adventures are just the tipping point for what this classic California destination has to share. Your team building activities will be structured in one of the lushest areas in California. An hour and a half from San Francisco, stay in a contemporary hotel or a beachfront resort. The choices are limitless in Santa Cruz.

Half Moon Bay

Approximately 28 miles from San Fran, Half Moon Bay proudly features a stunning seaside community. And, the newly founded California Coastline Trail stretches through several different parts of authentic, rustic California coast-side living literally begging for work retreats, corporate team building, and the best staff retreat ideas. Fresh seafood, biking trails, and beachside activities are simply breathtaking, making for a more relaxed approach to the California lifestyle and corporate event ideas. A short 45-minute drive from SFO, stay in a beach house, hotel & spa or even on a boat.


Corporate team building activities are plenty in Sausalito. Located at the foot of the famous Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito is known for classic bay lifestyle. Kayaking, chartered boat tours, shoreline fun, and the Marine Mammal Center separate this Northern California favorite as a destination for coastal city life, establishing an attractive setting for your company retreat. Seaplane flights, board-sports, and historic and luxurious amenities await, for a specific approach to curating the best staff retreats, in a destination rare as Sausalito. A mere 30-minute drive from SFO airport will have you nestled in Sausalito, stay in the Historic Gables Inn or boutique hotels with bay views.

Best Corporate Retreats near Los Angeles

California is the largest state in the United States, Los Angeles the second largest city in the Nation. Known as The City of Angels, or more commonly as “La La Land,” Tinseltown has more to offer per capita than any other area in the world. If a beachside retreat is your desire or skiing a mountain peak an ideal meeting place, Los Angeles can immediately deliver in one short drive from LAX.  That said, Corporate retreats near LA are becoming a demanding trend and with good reason.  Want to discover life outside of Hollywood? What better place than Southern California to define a connected, powerful, network-based trip where you can apply your experiences immediately? SoCal delivers the best staff retreat ideas. We can define a collection of destinations which may surprise you.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs blends colorful desert life with modern architecture and historical flair. Celebrating a bygone era who hosted the Hollywood elite, entrepreneurial sorts flock to this destination of endless opportunity for corporate retreat venues and teambuilding events. Golf, Spa, Resort Life, galleries, and unique outdoor desert lifestyle appeals to many. Just 2 short hours from Los Angeles / LAX, stay in a Casita, a Cabana, rent a house or stay in a luxurious hotel with every amenity imaginable. Just two short hours from LAX, you’ll most definitely experience the best corporate retreat with us, leading the edge in Palm Springs.

Joshua Tree

Want a unique meeting space for your group? Located in the high desert of the greater Palm Springs area, you’ll see desert life in its original form. Joshua Tree is a cultural icon known for state of mind as much as its unique landscape. Your company retreat will be embedded inside beautiful vistas, boulder formations, and authentic desert wildflowers. See how artistic expression meets a stunning National Park. In just under 3 hours, your team will connect with nature deepened in a desert all your own. Use the natural course of the desert to design fun team building activities. Stay in a cabin, hacienda or even an upscale trailer park.

Orange County / Irvine

There’s more than amusement parks awaiting you in The OC. Restoring land conservancy with a high standard of stewardship is what you’ll soon discover, adjacent to the Irvine Ranch Conservancy providing the perfect landscape for your company retreat. Quickly becoming a common space for connecting people to the land, this bold vision of protecting huge spaces in Southern California has deemed this a perfect destination for the best staff retreat ideas and team building events. Choose something fresh and new for your company retreat near LA. Just an hour south of Los Angeles, use this powerful suburb as a launch-pad for creative corporate team building.

Big Bear

Big Bear Lake rests in the backyard of Los Angeles atop the San Bernadino Mountains and has much more to offer than local winter snow sports. All four seasons long, corporate retreat companies score.  Jet-ski the lake, embark on helicopter tours, take a polar plunge, shred snow sports, or parasailing and wake-boarding. Fishing, boating, mountain biking, and a unique Alpine Zoo and so much more await your team just 2 hours from LAX. For a team retreat, office retreat, team building exercises, or corporate team building activities, this area will provide a wide wingspan all its own.


Planning a retreat? The Ojai Valley has been a destination the common grid of Southern California life for decades, due to its bond to land conservancy and Los Padres National Forest. Outdoor adventure and fresh air await your team as you strategize a company retreat in this valley paradise. Tennis, Golf, lakeside activity, fishing trips, canoeing, and jeep tours are just a few of the daily activities you’ll enjoy. In just under 2 hours from Los Angeles, you’ll be surrounded by mountains and culture dating back to the mid-1800s. Stay at a Ranchito inn or a spa retreat hotel. Either way, you’ll be captivated by a unique experience while discovering specific team building exercises.

Santa Barbara

Known as the American Riviera, Santa Barbara is home to classic California charm and history, fun team building experiences await you.  Experience leisure, seaside havens, organic ranch-life, or island-hop the Channel Islands. From mountaintop to the ocean shore, Santa Barbara is a location with endless activity at your fingertips. Known for some of the best bicycle paths in the U.S., participate in paragliding, pivotal surf breaks, stand-up paddle or seaside exploration.  Team building activities in Santa Barbara are a natural fit. 2 short hours from LAX, Earth Missions will make the most of this location featuring defined detail. 

Big Sur / Cambria

Take a drive down famous Highway 1 to discover California’s untouched coastline. One of the most authentic landmarks of coastal living, meet in the small town of Cambria, a local paradise with the ocean and forest paired in unity. Located just below the known hotspot of Big Sur, this whimsical village has been home to some of the most famous artists and pioneers in American history. This area is extremely welcoming for corporate retreat venues and meeting spaces. A 30-minute drive to Paso Robles will delight your team in wine countries newest landmark for winemaking. Cave tours, paragliding, trail rides, rustic surf spots, and foodie eating await. Stay in Big Sur for outdoor hot-springs, nature hikes, and authentic yurt living. Drive 5 hours from LAX or SFO to meet the literal center of California’s Central Coast.

Mammoth / Sierras

Treat your team to a mountain experience unlike anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, when you visit Mammoth. Situated at the edge of one of the earth’s largest volcanic calderas, we’ll be planning your fun team building activities alongside granite domes, craters, lava tubes, white quartz, and black obsidian. Sculpted by glaciers and rivers valleys and basins pinpoint this area extremely unique. Year-round, have a profound Summer experience or snow-packed Winter activity. 8 hours from LAX and 12 from SFO, this destination will not disappoint. Cater your team building in a compelling way like no other, knowing you’ve provided a mountain retreat California style.

San Diego

Kayak to an outdoor concert as a team building experience and then tour a craft brewery as a fun team building activity. Take a rollercoaster ride beachside or camp on the coast near Baja for a comfortable break. San Diego will offer you an endless opportunity. The best staff retreat ideas await you - Bon Fires at the beach, visit the horse races at Del Mar, climb the California Tower or engage with a pod of whales or dolphins off the coast. 3 hours from LA, San Diego has been a longtime southern destination due to its compelling definition, providing corporate event ideas plentifully.


Want an ultimate company trip? If you’re willing to drive just a bit more, you can see one of the largest national parks in North America. Yosemite is a giant of beauty and history, granite cliffs, waterfalls and streams, giant sequoias and limitless biological diversity. Covering almost 750,000 acres in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, most visitors relish in 7 square miles of Yosemite Valley. Your team building and corporate retreat agenda will discover rock climbing, fishing, horseback riding as well as take active tours by air, foot or otherwise as you discover the wonders of this powerful outdoor excursion. A 4-hour drive from SF, your choice of creative stay may highlight your trip like no other – Experience glamping in a classic trailer, stay in a gold rush town or rustic mountain resort.

Earth Missions will help discover the perfect spot for your Company Retreat. California has plentiful escapes tailor fit for any excursion you are building. Contact us so we can show you how we curate the ultimate experience. Our formula is proven to design the exact features your team requires, every time. Count on our expertise and background catering to corporate retreat companies, corporate event planning, and corporate team building activities.

Best Company Retreats around Seattle

Visiting Seattle will offer your team more than a trendy cup of coffee. From Downtown Seattle to the Waterfront, team building events close to Seattle create experiences singular to the Pacific Northwest. Seattle claims to be an exciting urban city surrounded by unmatched natural beauty, with adventure awaiting your visit. We couldn’t agree more.

City of Seattle

Common features like the famous Space Needle, Pike Place, Chihuly Garden, Puget Sound, Pioneer Square, and Fremont Lake Garden are always worth a visit. In addition, Seattle’s backyard has been receiving notoriety for its powerful escapes plus plenty of hidden gems destined to offer your team with a plentiful landscape for dynamic meeting spaces on your company retreat. West Seattle, Capitol Hill, Ballard and Pioneer Square bullet-point this city with incredible history and artistic panorama. Not too far from Seatac, you’ll be aligned with exceptional opportunities for fun team building activities.

San Juan Islands

A stunning backdrop is what you’ll find in the San Juan Islands just outside of Seattle. You’ll be on “Island Time,” as you observe Orcas swimming thru the Pacific, or take Canoes out for your company trip. All three islands, San Juan, Orcas, and Lopez Islands offer different team building activities, all plentiful in this natural escape from the city.  Allow Earth Missions to design the perfect corporate retreat near Seattle or even a unique startup retreat.


This Village by the Sea is best known for its highly populated visitation of Orcas. Nestled in the suburb of Seattle, Langley offers a quiet place for your team to set goals through nature-inspired team building activities. Recommended by travel enthusiasts all over the world, Langley can be reached by Ferry or short 1-and-a-half hour drive from Seattle. A relaxed pier-side lifestyle with pine tree forests is what you’ll find in Langley. Discover the Earth Sanctuary, protecting a 500-year-old, mature Old Growth Forest, diverse bird population and Eco-Art projects while planning your corporate retreat.


Reach higher into North America for a destination, unlike anything you’ll find in the United States. Vancouver boldly boasts diversity and culture based on top honors and enclaves of unique neighborhoods, a perfect selection for team building activities. On a short 2-hour flight from SFO, your team will have a corporate retreat near San Francisco. Known as ‘Manhattan with Mountains,’ Vancouver features countless backdrops for your corporate trip. Colorful sidewalks, spectacular settings, city sights, and natural discoveries await you in Vancouver. Rich history, film industry vibes, sun seeker crowds, and endless opportunity create vast corporate event ideas.

Portland / Hood River

Just outside the city of Portland is an unexpected oasis… Hood River has it all. Named a top destination for Wine Travel, as well as an acclaimed Art Town, this Volcanic journeys-end is stunning, peaceful and complete with delight for curated team building ideas in the Pacific Northwest. The orchards alone will have your staff pondering team building agendas like no other.  Check out the Hood River Fruit Loop map here Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Rafting, Kayaking, and SUP will make planning your corporate retreat compelling, as well as Snow Sports, Biking, Hiking, Rock Climbing, and Camping.

Best Corporate Retreats near Chicago

Chicago calls itself the “City that feels like home.” Also known as ‘Second City,’ Shy Town always delivers. Musically, Historically, or simply aiming to hit your bucket-list, Chicago is legendary on many levels. Just outside the city, you’ll find a Midwestern landscape all its own, for plenty of options while planning your corporate retreat. Earth Missions dedicates itself to the “Out of the Office – Into the World” philosophy, with curated team building events close to Chicago.

Indiana Dunes

Who knew there was over 15 miles of coastline to be discovered in Northern Indiana, Chicago’s neighbor state. Located on the Southern tip of Lake Michigan, Indiana’s “Beaches and Beyond” is more than a lake-front discovery. Indiana Dunes offers classic biking, hiking, climbing, and nightlife await your group for team building activities. Your retreat agenda also features a 3-Dune Challenge, known to be the toughest hike in the park. Find out why the U.S. National Park Service claims this to be one of their favorite activities in North America.

Galena, Illinois

Galena Country is loaded with events year-long. If ghost-hunting is your ideal meeting space and team building event, this classic town has haunted tours and activities aplenty. But don’t let the spirited nature of Galena scare you, Ski Resorts, Wineries, Hot Air Balloon rides, Motor-Coaches, Blacksmith Shops, Civil War re-enactments and more will have you happily planning a retreat with historic flair. If your team building events close to Chicago need a twist of American History, the town of Galena has a strong bond and ties to Civil War Union General Ulysses S. Grant and Abraham Lincoln himself.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Capture your staff’s attention all-aboard the famous Lake Geneva Cruise Liner. With a fleet of 8 Yachts, you’ll feel like you took a trip back in time with Ice Cream Social hour, Estate Tours, and Bay excursions as a new approach to corporate retreat venues. Take a long walk around the lake to get your startup retreat agenda underway, or design your own amazing corporate retreat. Lake Geneva has a rich history as one of Chicago’s favorite railway destinations. For fun team building events, get your group close to the water on a Kayaking Tour. Big Foot Beach State Park has countless activities for team building experiences, Skiing at Grand Geneva or Canopy Tours on Ziplines.

Saugatuck/Douglas, Michigan

For a totally different type of Lake Life adventure, Saugatuck Michigan is just a shore away. This thriving community is proud of their artistic community, festivals, and events, all catered to expand horizons while establishing your team retreat. Corporate retreat companies, corporate event planning, and corporate team building activities all lend themselves to the lifestyle found on the Coast of Michigan. Year-round activities keep the community engaged and thriving. Design an ultimate company retreat at this upscale destination, just 2 hours from Shytown, making it a top-choice for team building retreats close to Chicago.

New Glarus, Wisconsin

America has a Little Switzerland, and it’s in the heartland of the Midwest. From chalets to artisanship, Swisstown U.S.A. will have you testing your creative expertise as you’re planning a retreat. Cows on parade, an authentic brewing company, or the classic watch-making craftsmanship dot the landscape of classic Swiss culture, as your team building activities cater to the Swiss clock and time management. In the Winter, snow-shoeing and Pioneer lifestyle days entertain the colony of New Glarus.

Best Corporate Retreats around Denver

Denver is a hub for all things Rocky Mountain, Ski Resort bliss and beyond. We’re bullet-pointing our favorite spots around the United States, so this mountain majesty deserves a solid shout-out. Denver’s ‘Mile High’ City has a boundless opportunity for corporate retreats, planning a retreat, and team building activities. Want a meeting space atop a Mountain? Check out a few highlights with more to come…

City of Denver

If city-centered team building activities are what will help your crew thrive, Denver is rich with opportunity. Union Station, Old West Attractions, Train Tours, Rocky Mountain Arsenal and so much more, will offer countless options for your agenda, indoors and outdoors while planning corporate retreats.


40 minutes outside Denver, is a paradise for outdoor lovers and fresh-air aficionados. This literal gateway of hiking trails, rivers, farmland, and canyons designed for the expert or beginner. Boulder has become famous as a Bohemian getaway, equally as a thriving outdoorsman’s dream. Want an eclectic experience while planning corporate events? Corporate retreat companies, corporate event planning and corporate team building activities all sync with the dynamic world of Boulder. Dogsledding, Cross-Country Skiing, Fly-fishing, Boating, Hot Air Ballooning, Paragliding, Four-Wheeling Tours and Horseback Riding are just the beginning of your team building activities in Boulder.


This is no place for ordinary. Up your game for an amazing corporate retreat. Defy the ordinary with an adult playground amidst a top-shelf atmosphere like no other. Aspens heritage was occupied by Ute Indians as a lush hunting ground. These early roots laid the groundwork of a booming mining town, attracting those with a spirit of discovery. Carry the torch with Earth Missions as you create team building activities with Snow Sports, and a mecca of Yoga based company retreats, countless outdoor activities, historical tours, Wild West destinations and so much more – all in one day.

Garden of the Gods / Colorado Springs

For a team building event close to Denver, just 1 hour 2 minutes away, visit the Garden of the Gods. Front range climbing and unforgettable Adventure Programs blend for one magical experience. Dramatic views, towering sandstone rock formations 300’ in the sky, overlooking Pikes Peak is sure to inspire any group or crew needed a power-reset and compelling team building activities. Curate a GEO-tracking game, with activities for retreat, designed to push your tribe to succeed. Earth Missions thrives on incorporating destinations with detailed agendas to create the most powerful ‘Out of the Office- Into the World’ environment. This stunning landscape is an unforgettable backdrop for your corporate retreat. 

Mount Evans Scenic Byway

The highest paved road in North America is just 60 miles west of Denver, nearly 9,000 feet of elevation gain, allowing views of the famous “fourteeners,” a few of 54 peaks that soar 14,000 or above. Mount Evans Scenic Byway offers National Forests, Lakes, Trails, Botanic Gardens, Ranches and more dot Colorado with color, opportunity and plenty of options for planning corporate retreats. Mount Evans Scenic Byway is a stunning entre to many corporate retreat venues, all Denver adjacent, touting spectacular views.

Curating your corporate retreat with expertise is our Mission.

We look forward to getting you Out of the Office – Into the World.

Earth Missions.


Written by: @chelsiefoster