Earth Missions is an experiential travel agency who specializes in curating customized experiences to fit our wide range of clients needs.


Our staff of travel experts break down each experience and identifies the most important parameters in making the trip a success. Once we have identified each experience's 'recipe for success' we work with local guides and influencers to curate the experience and ensure efficiency in our travel.


From Corporate off-sites to Content build outs for brands, our Planned Missions are architected in collaboration with our clients to ensure each detail has been aligned and worked through.


With Strike Missions, our clients can time their adventures around Mother Nature to ensure the best possible conditions. We take advantage of forecasting models and competitively priced airfare so that travel can be booked from 2 weeks in advance, to where possible, only days before. From surfing a Maldives Atoll when a south swell is about to hit, to heli-skiing in the Canadian Rockies when a storm is dropping several feet of POW, Strike Missions will put you, the athlete, in the center of the action.


We, as outdoor enthusiasts, love the Earth and all it provides, so naturally we have a duty to help protect it. These volunteer Gift Missions work with non-profits and local organizations to help make a difference. In Gift Missions you will both be giving and receiving ‘Gifts’ through travel. These trips may be some of the most fulfilling life missions you may ever take.


At Earth Missions, our best attribute is our Team: Executive Team: The only suit our executive team will be caught wearing to work is a wetsuit. Staff: Our staff consists of highly skilled outdoorsman whose talents range from professional surfing to expert boarders/skiers and avid fisherman. Contacts: Our qualified partners around the globe work to put each traveler in the ideal condition for their adventure of choice. At Earth Missions, we take pride in working with next level athletes, but more importantly next-level humans.