Our Team

At Earth Missions, our best attribute is our Team:

Executive Team: The only suit our executive team will be caught wearing to work is a wetsuit. We don’t wear ties, we wear 4/3’s, our designers wear powder bibs in the backcountry, and our reps tie their own flies for the river.

Staff: Our staff consists of highly skilled outdoorsman whose talents range from professional surfing to expert boarders/skiers and avid fisherman.

Contacts: We have highly qualified partners and contacts around the globe who work with the Earth Missions Team to put each traveler in the ideal condition for their adventure of choice. At Earth Missions, we take pride in working with next level athletes, but more importantly next-level humans.


Kick ass, adventure prone, thrill-seeking travelers and action sports enthusiasts. Experienced surfers, riders and fishermen with motivation to translate high energy level and passion for mother earth to a sales representative role. Incredible opportunity within an exciting and rapidly expanding travel/ sports adventure company.


Seeking Earth Missions Sales Reps to assist in expanding catalog of destinations
Ability to work remotely and responsibly
Flexibility as a P/T role with opportunity to become F/T
Environmentally conscious candidate/earth advocate


Successful candidate will bring knowledge of designated sport, ___ of interest
*Existing network of industry professionals, personal contacts, area accommodations, and supporting courses/certifications for travelers preferred

Reps are to manage their destinations with expertise and professionalism-providing impeccable attention to detail and real-time response to inquiries-trips/packages often based on time sensitive weather conditions, etc.

Enthusiasm and desire to assist company leaders in innovative ideas for expansion of Earth Missions: trips & accommodations are currently tailored for individuals, couples, groups, special occasions, volunteer/mission based

Stay hungry. The successful candidate will translate passion and energy level to remain motivated and drive company momentum


Sales background
Experienced traveler with genuine nature, desire to connect avid enthusiasts with score missions and unforgettable journeys
Commitment to and proven volunteer experience
Large personal network of interest
Word Press experience a plus
Travel agency experience a plus


Commission based job-done from remote locations, strong WIFI needed
Salary commensurate with performance
Supportive staff and incentive based work structure

Company Description

Action sports travel agency-surf, fishing, snow, yoga, mountain biking